Infographic: What Happens On The Internet In One Day?

A day is a very small instant of time for most of us. Many of us pass it in routine and often consider it an insignificant amount of time. However, you would be stunned to know what happens on the internet in a single day. Business Insider did an infographic about this and it is a true eye-opener. Details about the infographic are posted below.

With millions of users flocking to the internet by every passing year, the data consumption online have skyrocketed. And it’s exponentially increasing by every passing day. The total data consumed online every day is roughly equal to 168 million DVDs! To this amount, the 294 billion emails that are sent every day contribute. If these 294 billion emails were to be sent through regular mail, it would have taken the US postal service whole two years!

Blogging is also catching up fast online. About 2 million blog posts are written each day, enough to fill the Time Magazine for 770 years. Facebook, the largest social network, is no less significant in the world of web. About 172 million different people visit Facebook daily. Twitter falls in close behind with 40 million people visiting it daily. Google+ is visited by 20 million unique visitors and Pinterest by 17 million visitors every day.

And here’s the part which may pique many of us. Our race is currently spending 4.7 billion minutes on internet every day. And we wonder why we are out time. Status updating has also become quite a viral notion, with 532 million statuses updated every day. I would have divulged the rest of the mind-blowing facts but that would really spoil the whole fun of reading the infographic ¬†yourself. You can read the entire infographic here at Business Insider.



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