Internet Usage Via Mobile Devices Doubled In The Past Few Years, Nokia Takes The Lead

People are more comfortable using internet at their own convenience, which means being in the easiest of positions and what more can be an easier way to access internet than through your very own mobile device? Even the statistics support this statement, which is now a fact. According to a report by Web analytics firm, StatCounter, global internet access through mobile devices has almost doubled in the past few years since 2009. The trend is on the rise and it is the best news both telecom companies and mobiles manufacturers want to hear. They know for sure their targets are being achieved and increasing their customer base.

However, in this report, tablets are not accounted for. The report further elaborates that the total percentage of global browsing on devices like mobile phones has grown from 4.3% to 8.5% since January 2011. It seems like the craze for smartphones and iPads have generated a lot for internet accessibility. Mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Apple, and Samsung are making hay in all this sunshine, and Nokia is doing it more than Apple and Samsung. According to the statistics, Nokia is ahead in mobile vendors on the global scale with 38% of the market share, Apple is almost 10 points down, with 29%, and Samsung is at 15% of the market share, but ahead of RIM.

These percentages are due to their dominance in specific countries. May be they need to target newer customers from other regions to increase their market share, as Nokia’s dominance is seen in India, Apple’s in the US and the UK and Samsung’s in other places like the Middle East. According to the StatCounter CEO, Aodhan Cullen, this increase in percentage is actually a positive sign for internet usage through mobiles, even though as yet it just makes 10% of the total accessibility.

Considering the fact that the trend of accessing internet through other devices is not likely to go down, internet usage via mobile phones will also increase further. If the tablets were to be included in this report, the results most certainly would have been higher. For users of mobiles, it is also means that they will get a better web browsing experience, now that the mobile vendors would not want to let down the expectations of their customers and it also means information at your fingertips.

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