Iran Launches A State-Sponsored YouTube Clone – Mehr

Iran has went one step ahead in its efforts to provide alternative internet services to its citizens. The state has launched a government-sanctioned video sharing site named Mehr.


The name is taken from a Farsi word “Mehr” that stands for affection. The site is targeted at Persian-speaking internet users and aims to promote the Iranian¬† culture. It is the Iranina¬† version of YouTube, but with a lot of censorship.

Announcing the opening of the site, Lotfollah Siahkali, deputy chief of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, said, “From now on, people can upload their short films on the Web site and access [IRIB] produced material.”

The Iranian government has already decided to build a nationwide intranet, separate from the internet, to connect various entities of the government. The state is also trying to filter “inappropriate” content on the internet from being viewed on its territory. And, the launch of Mehr seems to be a reflection of that policy.

Source: CNET

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