Iranian Organizations Forbidden From Responding To Messages From Foreign Email Services

Iran has been increasingly isolating itself in the realm of internet. It has been closing itself from the rest of the world and trying to become self-dependent in all things, from web hosting to emailing services. We earlier reported that Iran was planning to launch an ‘internet’ of its own and apparently, the regime is now going forward with the notion.

A number of websites are already banned in Iran. Users are unable to access a number of online networks and portals. Last year, the Iranian government devised a new policy under which nearly all of the country’s official websites were hosted domestically.

One of the key reasons why Iran is moving itself into a corner is that it views the world with scepticism. In the past years, a number of cyber attacks have been launched against Iran but it has never been confirmed as to who caused them.

Naturally, now Iran thinks that the foreign emailing services snoop into mails from Iran to gather sensitive data. And that is precisely why, organizations including banks and firms are forbidden from using them.

In fact, not only are these organizations forbidden from using them, they are now no longer allowed to respond to any messages which are sent making use of these foreign emailing services.

All correspondences must be done through domestic emailing services such as those which end in, or Also, official bodies can not use any other emailing services than those which end in or simply .ir.

Source:  AFP

Courtesy: The Next Web

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