Man Tries To Sell His Girlfriend On eBay, Surprised When Saw People Bidding

Shaun Coles With His Girlfriend Debbie Moran

There are many people who sell and buy things via eBay. But this might be the first time you will hear what I am going to say now. A man tried to sell his girlfriend on eBay and became very much surprised when he saw that people started bidding on her!

Shaun Coles With Debbie Moran

UK resident Shaun Coles put his long-time girlfriend Debbie Moran for sale on eBay just for having fun. Coles represented Moran as an “old woman,” and mentioned that she was not very much able to do house work.

Shaun Coles With Debbie Moran

Coles assumed that people would take it as a “joke”, but he became really surprised when he saw that many people started bidding on Moran. This is the photo that Coles posted on eBay to sell Moran.

Debbie Moran Sitting On The Couch

Do you know, how many people bid for Moran and what was the highest bid? Well, more than 50 people bid on Moran, even though selling a person is obviously against the rules on eBay. And the highest bid was $1,181.

Coles Put Moran On eBay For Sale

Moran “hated” the photo that Coles used to sell her on eBay and it was “a bit annoyed” to her. But she realized that Coles “didn’t do it maliciously.” Rather Moran said, “Awww. He’s trying to redeem himself.” On the other hand regarding this Coles told ITV, “In all seriousness, I wouldn’t sell her for anything. It’s just a joke that got a bit out of hand.”

Source: ITV


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