Mega Reaches 100,000 Registered Users Within One Hour Of Public Launch

Kim Dotcom’s ‘Mega’ seems all set to prove the grandiosity of its name. Dotcom recently launched the service, claiming on his Twitter account that the Mega website was attracting heavy traffic right after its launch. He has now substantiated his claim by divulging early stats, revealing that 100,000 users registered for the service within one hour of its launch. By the time we are writing the report Mega already crossed 1 Million user mark.


The web had been abuzz about the new service even before its launch and Dotcom had repeatedly cited in the days leading to the launch that the new Mega is going to be somewhat of a replacement for the now-late MegaUpload. The launch itself attracted huge amounts of traffic to the website.

In view of that, it is not a surprise that Mega was able to amass 100,000 registered users within the first hour of its public launch. Revealing the achievement on his Twitter account, Dotcom speculated whether Mega became the ‘fastest growing startup in Internet history’ with such a successful launch.

Dotcom also teased MPAA by posting an image which shows off a collage of different movie titles. MPAA had been the key organization which pushed for the take-down of MegaUpload, so it would be interesting to note how exactly will the content giant respond to the new Mega. While posting the image on his Twitter account, Dotcom had this much to say ‘Look at this @MPAA. Lets talk!’

The best thing about the new Mega is that it applies automated data encryption to all content that is uploaded by the users, thus saving this content from access by unauthorized third parties.

Source: Dotcom

Courtesy: TNW

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