Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 RC2, Final Version Releasing Tomorrow

Mozilla has released 4 beta versions of Firefox but it is expected that the company will release the final version of Firefox 4 tomorrow. Future Firefox updates will not be referred to by version numbers anymore, but by codenames, which will be released in alphabetical order.

According to the Mozilla’s official, Rob Syre,

Firefox might follow the development of Chrome and split Firefox into four different channels: nightly, experimental, beta and final.

It is almost certain that Mozilla will follow up with a quick update of Firefox 4 two to three weeks after the release of the final, especially if Mozilla will discover “late breaking issues”. There is already one issue, which Mozilla wants to fix in a 4.0.1 update. Mozilla also addresses the update mess with countless version numbers no one can really keep track of. Instead of version numbers, Mozilla will use codenames – the first Firefox 4 update, for example, is called Anteater. It appears as if Mozilla will use this new approach only within its developer community.

In case you don’t have Firefox installed you can grab Firefox 4.0 RC2 here.

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