Music Sales Dropped After Draconian Copyright Law Went Into Effect In Japan

Some obsessed people from different music industries raised their voices with “stop piracy” slogan assuming that imposing stringent laws to curb file sharing would automatically lead them to earn more “revenue.” Recent data shows they might be wrong. After such a law had been enacted in Japan from last month sales of music started to drop.

The copyright law was passed in the Japanese Parliament last June and was enacted in October. According to the law, “if someone download any pirated content from the internet, he/she may face a sentence of 2 years in jail or a fine up to ¥2 million (US$25,700).”

Industry advocates were hoping that the new law would decrease piracy and thus increase revenues of the original copyright owners. Instead, this has set a negative trend in music sales. Seems people are scared to the length to stop downloading altogether; even from legitimate sites, because they could be tainted too.

Source : Techdirt

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