Obamacare Site Goes Down Just Ahead Of Enrollment Deadline

Since its launch, the Obamacare website has run into a lot of troubles. And these troubles remain unsorted till the last minute, with the site going down temporarily just ahead of the enrollment deadlines.


The website was the online portal where people could sign up for U.S. private health insurance. In the past, the site has had troubles with accessibility. These troubles were later sorted and the President assured that a smoother user experience will be offered on the website.

But the site went offline yet again recently, merely hours before the deadline struck, which is the midnight on Monday. The health insurance is mandatory and those who fail to sign up with Obamacare in time may have to face fines. Due to the imminent deadlines, it seems that an exceptional spike in traffic is what knocked the site offline.

Department of Health and Human Services representatives have confirmed the problem in accessibility. Acknowledging the issue, the representatives have announced an extension in the maintenance time of the site. This may help those signing up at the last minute to make it before the final bell tolls. However, the fact that a site concerning something as important as Obamacare would run into accessibility issues so often reflects rather poorly on the Obama government.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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