Reddit Launches Hilarious Video Series

Reddit has launched a venture of original web program, rolling out three episodes as a start. The episodes take their theme from the subreddit thread titled ‘Explain like I’m five.’ In the subreddit in question, different political and social issues are discussed by the Reddit community. And that’s what the video series aims to do.

Reddit video series

According to the Reddit team, the series is being funded by YouTube. As a test run, three episodes have been released titled ‘The Crisis in Syria’ , ‘Existentialism and Friedrich Nietzsche’ and ‘The Volatility of Stock market.’

Quite unexpectedly, the videos are not only informative but also quite hilarious, and have already gained a lot of traction across the social media. Speaking about this new series, Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin states, “For us, it’s more about encouraging the Reddit community and bigger community of producers, filmmakers and animators out there to create content, video, web series, shows … based on Reddit content.”

For now, Reddit has produced only three episodes based on the ‘Explain like I’m five’ subreddit which attracts up to 4-million page-views every month. However, we are being told that Reddit has plans of rolling out other series in the future, based on other subreddits. And we are sure that YouTube will be backing most of these ventures, since the video site has been on the hunt for original web programming for quite a while now.

Both Reddit and YouTube can benefit if the subreddit videos take off well. Reddit will be entering into the foray of web programming and YouTube will be acquiring a lot of original content from a community that numbers in millions.

Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter

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