Adults Are Fond Of Facebook And Twitter More Than Teenagers

There is a general perception about anything that is new and trendy that teenagers would be involved in it more than adults. But for Facebook and Twitter, this does not hold true. We need to adjust our perspective of looking at teens as the only happening people abuzz, because a recent survey released by Pew Research Center, indicates than adults are using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter more than their younger-age group counterparts.

The survey turned out big numbers revealing adults’ fondness for the site. Around 85% of adults said that they find other users on social networking site to be kind, which makes the online socializing environment safe for them. Hence they enter without any doubts. When the same question was asked from teenagers to measure their likeness, around 69% said that they surf online and find kind people, while the rest complained about having different bad experiences.

The adult users who had good experiences mentioned such things as having to find some other users that made them feel better about themselves. Others said that they found someone that made them feel closer to them. Some adult users even found others helping out generously. May be they knew how to make their way in, while with the teenagers, it is always how they do things that creates an issue.

Some had both kinds of experiences and also not so pleasant ones but mostly they were satisfied with their social networks. Since adults are more mature and likely to handle offensive behavior better than younger generation, they tend not to get disturbed. If such could be an attitude imbibed in teenagers, they would get a better time online too on any social networking site.

Facebook and Twitter happen to be in the lead and on these adults have made sure they don’t lag behind with a generational gap of not having to utilizing the modern means of socializing and social media’s best tool to connect people worldwide. Having an interest in traveling to meet different cultures can just be fulfilled, but the act of traveling in itself is irreplaceable. But an online social network like Facebook and Twitter does fill a little on that aspect.

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