5 Reasons Why Ello Is Better Than Facebook

Ello is the new social network everyone’s been talking about. Though Facebook is ruling the field of social networking scenario at the moment, Ello has a huge possibility of climbing up the ladder of success pretty soon because of their tactful positioning that says they are anything but Facebook.

Ello UI

Below are five reasons why we believe that Ello is better than Facebook.

1. Ello has a simple and user-friendly interface
Some of you may have become really irritated at how Facebook is changing a lot of things relating to the interface. We can barely wait six months before Facebook comes up with yet another change to tick us off! On the other hand, Ello has a fairly simple interface and you will not have to struggle to get ahold of it.


All you have to do is fill in your personal information and add a photo, and you are good to go!¬†Also, unlike Facebook, you don’t have to worry about using your actual name on this website, and you can choose any username you want.

2. There is a simple way of sorting your friends
Say goodbye to Facebook’s complex friend-groups and subscription options; now you have a better way of managing who you connect with. On the left of your account, you will find two separate tabs labeled as ‘friends’ and ‘noise’. Click on friends, and you will only be shown posts made by your friends. Click on noise and you will get posts from people who you do follow but are not friends.


You can sort the friend list when you first add them to your account. The plus side is, the person will never be notified if you have added them to noise.

3. There are no ads on Ello
Surprised? We were as well. But the truth is that Ello does not have any ads on their website. So if you are really sick of all the advertisement popping up on your Facebook feed, this might be the right time for you to ditch it and move on with a better option like Ello.

You might be asking how Ello is making money, then? While they don’t plan on promoting others, they certainly have a plan to sell some features to their users. For example, one of the users asked whether he could use two separate accounts with one login, and Ello replied that it might be feasible. They are working on it, but features as such will definitely not be for free.

4. You can get view count of your posts
What do you do if you need to know how many people viewed your post on Facebook? I assume you don’t do anything because there is no such option! But if you get a page, Facebook might be kind enough to provide you with an analytics. However, Ello comes with a built-in, real-time analytics that lets you see how many people have viewed your posts!


Who needs ‘Facebook Likes’ now, anyway?

5. Ello is not another spying machine!
Facebook has surpassed all levels of creepiness ever since they decided to do some real business. People could check your location, see whether you have checked their messages or not and so on, which is not how Ello works. They only collect your location information to make your user-experience better, and not to shout it out to others.

Convinced? You should be. If you are already fed up with the way Facebook is acting nowadays, it would be the perfect time to bid adieu and shift to Ello with your bag and baggage. We can’t wait for you all to join us over here!

It is important to be noted here that currently, Ello Beta is available for users, and is invite-only. But you may expect it to be open for all soon.

Sources: MTV News, Forbes

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