Facebook Adds The Category Of Professional Skills

Facebook has apparently decided to pit its power against the likes of LinkedIn. The social network has now launched a new category titled ‘Professional skills.’ The category can be made to appear publicly which essentially hints that Facebook may be entering the arena of professional job search.


Facebook rolled out the feature last week but didn’t announce the move, apparently in a bid not to attract a lot of headlines. The new category can be viewed under the ‘About’ section in the ‘Work and Education’ heading.

You can edit the ‘Professional skills‘ category by clicking the ‘edit’ button. Once you add the relevant keywords, they in turn automatically link to such pages which are focused on the mentioned skills. For instance, if you add ‘Marketing’ as a professional skill, the term will automatically be linked to a page of ‘Marketing’ elaborating on it.

Facebook professional skills

Moreover, when any professional skill is clicked, the landing page also shows such friends which have a similar interest and set of skills. It also shows such groups, pages and people who have expressed their interest in a similar professional skill.

The new category is apparently meant to enable the job seekers to find people with similar interests and allowing the employers to find the right candidates for the job vacancies.

Courtesy: Mashable

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