Facebook And CNN Joins To Launch “I’m Voting” For 2012 Presidential Election

There is a lot of excitement in the U.S. regarding the upcoming elections. And that is quite natural since elections are one of the most major events for the country. A number of media outlets are gearing up to cover the event. However, Facebook and CNN have come up with a rather unique idea to do so.

Facebook, with its huge user base and extra-ordinary influence in the social media, has joined hands with CNN which is known for leading the world of news. This joint collaboration will give birth to a Facebook app called ‘I’m Voting.’

With the help of this app, users can select the candidates they would be voting for and also the specific issues that they consider important. They can then also see which other friends have voted for the same candidate. These selections will be displayed on the time line and news feed of the users.

All this information can then be displayed in the form of an interactive map. And here, CNN comes in with its expert personnel who’d ask Facebook users different questions regarding elections and will be reporting the answers using this app.

Moreover, with the help of different survey on Facebook, the two will gauge the popularity of different presidential candidates and provide statistics regarding them. Normally, voting has been a private act and people tend not to divulge a lot of reasons regarding their voting. But with the whole thing getting social this year, it would be interesting how voters react to this.

Source: CNN

Courtesy: CNET


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