Facebook Could Be The Second-Biggest Video Sharing Site

ComScore’s regular ranking for monthly video website ratings has been released with results suggesting that viewing figures for online video services is on a steady rise and Google leads the way in the rankings, with their collective websites taking over 158 million unique hits with an astonishing average of 354 minutes each. Facebook took third place in US online video rankings last month, behind Google sites and Vevo, it will soon be the second-biggest video sharing site…………..


Facebook dominates in the online photo space, the company only took third place in US online video properties, ranked by unique video viewers and the ocial network saw 51.4 million unique viewers experience 186.4 million viewing sessions for an average of 17.9 minutes per viewer. It looks like Facebook could be the second biggest video sharing site in the U.S. by year’s end. In July, 51 million people watched a video on Facebook, which is up more than 3.5 million from the previous month. That’s a far cry from the 158 million uniques YouTube drew in the month, but it’s approaching the 62 million uniques music video site VEVO attracted. VEVO lost about a million unique visitors from June to July. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Facebook‘s unique video audience is growing. comScore says Facebook had 162 million unique visitors to its site in July, making it the fourth biggest site on the web. Facebook‘s viewers aren’t particularly engaged, they only watched 17.9 minutes of video on average for July, the worst of all the top ten video sites. Perhaps this will change now that movie studios like Miramax are offering their films through Facebook.



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