Facebook Explains Data Policies To Placate Users

Facebook has been repeatedly lambasted and criticized in the past over the way it tackles user data. Now, the social network aims to dispel misconceptions in the minds of the users by explaining exactly what its data policies are and how the user data is used.


Facebook is proposing to clarify its policies as a result of a lawsuit settlement. The company has been sued for the way it uses user data in the ads. According to the company, it is ready to make policy amendments as part of the settlement.

The new policy that Facebook is proposing doesn’t essentially change anything. It merely attempts to explain the way Facebook currently handles user data. The social network insists that when it passes on user data to advertisers who can then push Sponsored Ads at our timelines, all personally identifiable information is scrubbed pre-handedly.

So when advertisers receive this data, they are not able to identify any given user. The company further defends its feature of auto-tagging, which is able to tell your friends if you’re in a photo. Whereas the feature has been fiercely criticized in the past and is illegal in parts of Europe, Facebook says that it essentially lets the user identify as soon as any of his/her image is uploaded.

Moreover, users can even turn off the feature and shut out any such auto-tag notifications. Either way, it’s the way the user utilizes a feature that makes a difference. In the case of Facebook, however, there are just so many features and privacy settings that if a user misses out on something, that’s expected.

Link To Document: Proposed Updates to our Governing Documents

Courtesy: Tech Hive

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