Facebook Places Launched To Help Users Find Out Local Restaurants, Hotels & Other Place

Facebook has launched a new Places directory, which essentially is a local search site, but will work more as a ‘guided browsing’.

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This feature works by combining the graph search, page locations API and a few other important tools. Although it seems promising now, it cannot actually be called a complete substitute of other similar services; but we can sure expect more to come from this new addition by Facebook. For example, they have already started working towards improvement, and business pages are being redesigned to show the reviews and ratings in the front.

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After you have chosen a certain location, you will be given a more detailed search option, and you can choose from restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, public attraction, arts & entertainment and many more categories that you can choose from a drop down menu.

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Upon selecting a certain category, you will be shown reviews by people and also by your friends (if any), and you can also view photos of your friends at those places.

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There are also tools that will help you in finding out places by breaking the search terms down in several categories. You can input ‘Place Type’, ‘Liked By’ to input your friends’ names, ‘Places in’ to input locations and also ‘Visited by’ to input names of friends.

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You will also be shown cities nearby to the place you searched for earlier.

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This feature can be helpful in various ways despite the fact that the system is a little complicated for a few who are not used to this feature, or are currently using other services.

Sources: Facebook Places
Via: Search Engine Land, MatteoGamba

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