Facebook Post Lets A Woman Find Her Birth Family

We often hear how Facebook is retarding the scope of our real-world social interactions. But that’s a shady debate, as the social network is also a key for letting people interact in ways that weren’t even possible before. A woman in Iowa was reportedly able to find her birth family nearly 29 years later, thanks to Facebook.


Abbey Donohoe and Paula O’Brien had been friends for the past four years. Years earlier, O’Brien had seen his brother give up a baby for adoption. According to her, “When I was a little girl, one of my older brothers and his girlfriend gave a baby up for adoption. It really had an impact on me and for years, I had hoped to find her.”

So, in her attempt to find this lost niece, O’Brien posted some information about her, such as her birth date, to her Facebook account. And then, there was a very interesting twist to the story.

When her friend, Donohoe read O’Brien post on Facebook, she felt that the particulars applied to her own life. Upon the confirmation of other particulars, it was revealed that Donohoe is indeed the niece that O’Brien had given up 29 years ago!

Donohoe was naturally overwhelmed when she stated, “It was just a surreal. Did I really just accidentally find my birth family?” The joy of O’Brien and her family upon finding Donohoe was also extra-ordinary, “My family had prayed for this for years. For 29 years we dreamed of this day and it’s here.”

Courtesy: Fox news

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