Facebook Reveals New Privacy Policy Changes

In the past, Facebook has taken a lot of heat over its privacy policies. The social network has tried to respond to this criticism by seeking user feedback over these policies. And now, it has finally made some minor changes based upon this feedback.

Facebook privacy

For long, Facebook users have been concerned about their online data as well as the visibility of their activities online. For instance, if a person Likes something on Facebook, he also wants to know exactly who is able to see this activity.

In a post that clarifies the related privacy policy, Facebook’s chief privacy policy officer Erin Egan has stated that if you tweak the right settings, your Likes will be visible only to your friends. And this will still be the case even if a company’s promoted ad comes up on your Timeline and you Like it.

Another major concern cited by the users was that whether or not Facebook sells users’ photos to other companies. Facebook has clearly stated that this is never the case. Moreover, Egan goes on to explain Facebook’s photo-tagging philosophy, “By using your profile picture for tag suggest, we can improve our ability to suggest that people tag you in a photo giving you a heads up that the photo has been posted and the ability to take action. Again, this is about increasing your control and awareness of information about you.”

In all, the latest changes by Facebook in its privacy policy are not very significant but they go on to explain the company’s privacy policy in a better way.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: Tech Hive

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