Facebook Launches Public Content Solutions, Offers Up Specific API Resources To Media Partners

Facebook is opening up its API resources for its media partners. The social network has launched ‘Public Content Solutions’, a program aimed at offering initially limited API resources to selected partners.


The data from Facebook will be critically helpful to the media partners, especially when it comes to major public events which drive a lot of conversations on the social media. For a start, Facebook will be offering access to Keywords Insights API and Public Feed API.

Facebook says that although it is offering only a few components of its API to the media partners, it will offer more in the coming days. The lucky few media partners who get to be a part of this round one include Vizrt, Reality Check, Arktan, telescope, Timeline Labs, Tagboard, never.no and SnappyTV.

To kickstart things, these partners will be handed out badges which will confirm their partnership with Facebook. These badges are to be displayed on their respective sites. Moreover, these companies will also get to have marketing materials as well as technical support from Facebook. Finally, and most importantly, they will have access to Facebook’s Media Partnerships team and can collaborate with them on a whole range of ideas and projects.

Facebook is also calling out for such developers who are interested in such an initiative and have been working on ‘compelling, high impact solutions for media companies.’ So if you are among those invested in this domain, it is a good time to email Facebook at contentsolutions@fb.com.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: TNW

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