Facebook Timeline For Everyone In A Few Weeks

Facebook finally launched it’s Timeline for everyone a few weeks ago. Many liked it, some hailed it as an artistic outlook while other lambasted it as too open to allow adequate privacy. But well, whether you like it or not, in a few weeks the Timeline will be activated on all the 800 million user profiles. You will get a seven-day preview period during which you can tweak the profile as per your privacy requirements and then, after seven days, the Timeline will be automatically published.

Anyone who wants to launch the Timeline can do so right now. But so far, it has been optional. Facebook was apparently measuring the response of the users to this new feature. And it seems like the social network has found out that the users are rather happy with it. Only that could have prompted the company to launch it en masse.

So now, even if you don’t like it and even if you don’t choose to activate it, the Timeline feature will be automatically updated within a few weeks on your profile. The feature displays your profile, photos and all your Facebook activities in an all new fashion. So naturally, you may want to tweak it to hide any thing that you don’t want to be public. This is why Facebook will allow all users to get a seven-day preview after activating the Timeline. Once the preview period is over, the Timeline will be automatically published on all profiles. So, no more two types of profiles, once this is done, all profiles will give the look of Timeline.

Image courtesy Gavin.

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