Trending Topics Box Spotted By Some Users On Facebook

In the past, Facebook has followed closely in the footsteps of the micro-blogging site, Twitter. Facebook first launched the hashtags which have long been used on Twitter and now, the social network is apparently testing with the idea of launching trending topics box on Facebook profiles.

Facebook trending topics

Without a doubt, Facebook team has been taking a lot of inspiration from Twitter. After rolling out hashtags, Facebook announced some time ago that it plans on offering trending topics, which would let people discover the latest, happening content without any qualms.

This is yet another leaf straight out of Twitter’s strategy. However, Facebook is absolutely nonplussed about all this imitation and has already rolled out the trending topics box to a limited number of users in the U.S. Clearly, the social network is trying to test out the feature as a beta offering before it could roll it out to all the users.

The users who reportedly are able to access the feature on their profiles have cited that the trending topics box appears on the top right corner of the Home page. When inquired about these developments, Facebook responded by saying that the feature is still being worked on. Our bet is that Facebook is beta testing the feature to see if any bugs, quirks are left in it. And once the social network has smoothed out these issues, it will be sure to make the feature available to all users.

It remains to be seen how effective trending topics would turn out to be on Facebook. We have seen that most real-life conversations about issues take place either at Twitter or individual Facebook pages, statuses.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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