Facebook Will Have 1 Billion Users By August 2012

Facebook, the largest online social network, has seen truly meteoritic success. Within a few years, it has evolved from a fun venture by a person to one of the most successful tech companies in the world, and perhaps the fastest growing company. All this, due to an all new social networking experience that Facebook provides. While Facebook has already the 800 million mark, Mark Zuckerberg seems all set to see still greater heights of success as estimates project that Facebook will hit the 1 billion user mark in August 2012.

The fastest growth of Facebook user base was at US and then UK immediately after the launch. But now, after some years of the launch, the number of new users from these two countries are nearly insignificant. However, Facebook has still many untapped countries to add a bulk of new users to the website. For instance, currently Facebook is growing at a remarkable rate at India and Brazil. And for now, a very small percentage of the populace in both countries uses Facebook: according to a senior analyst at iCrossing, 3% in India and 16% in Brazil. Just imagine what impact will it make when a substantial percentages of these countries’ total population jumps to the social network. That will be a phenomenal addition to the overall user base of Facebook.

So while Facebook’s growth may have slowed significantly in developed countries, the developing countries are still to add a bulk of their populations to Facebook. And Mark Zuckerberg definitely has plans to tap into this opportunity. And although Facebook continues it’s dream-growth with immense success, it has also been stopped short by legal issues, law suits and privacy cases.

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