Get Free Hotel Stay If You Have 10,000 Instagram Followers

Instagram is the most wildly popular photo sharing service on mobile devices. Apparently to cash in on this audience, a new hotel in Sydney, Australia is offering a free stay to such individuals who have more than 10,000 Instagram followers.


The hotel has been named ‘1888’, inspired from the year when Kodak first launched its box and roll camera. The very interior and the entire outlook of the hotel is meant to be Instagram-friendly. In other words, the hotel management has tried their best to make everything photo-worthy.

As soon as you enter the hotel, there’s a dedicated spot to take selfies. Moreover, the entrance features a mural of all such photos of the hotel which were shared on Instagram. However, there are conditions to the stay at the hotel. If you wish to stay, you need to hashtag all photos you take at the hotel using #1888hotel.

For such users who have more than 10,000 Instagram followers, the hotel offers free stay. Naturally, we would expect that if you do qualify, you’d be required to take photos of the hotel and share them on your Instagram account. You can also qualify for one night’s free stay by taking an extra-ordinary shot of the hotel.

Courtesy: Daily Dot

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