Google Glass User Arrested, Mistreated By Federal Agents At AMC Movie Theater

When it comes to conventional Hollywood entities, it seems that they know very little of technology. A Google Glass user was recently arrested and detained for hours at an AMC movie theater recently, simply because he was wearing the gadget.

Google Glass

The incident apparently took place on Jan 18, 2014 when a Google Glass user took the gadget with him to an AMC theater. In fact, he had to take Glass with him since he used it with his prescription lenses. The theater where he went to watch the movie was located at Easton Mall, Columbus, OH.

He had been there to watch the movie at least twice before, wearing the Glass. During the movie, he would turn off the Glass and simple use his lenses to be able to watch the movie. But while he was watching the movie on Jan 18, someone walked up to his seat, pulled the Glass off his face and told him and his wife to come along.

The duo were then taken out of the theater where ten or so cops awaited them, together with another few federal agents. It was later transpired that these agents belonged to Department of Homeland Security. Naturally, the Glass user, who remains unnamed, was shocked to learn the the federal agents thought he was illegally taping the movie.

Instead of listening to him trying to explain the situation, the federal agents took away his wallet and his phone and then took him and his wife to a make-shift interrogation room. Then for a full hour, he was asked random questions by feds, demanding to know how he came to possess Glass, what was he using it for and that who was he selling the taped movie to.

Naturally, the person in question was very flustered and rather angry too given that his wife was also dragged into the situation with him. After many long hours of trying to indict him one way or the other, the feds finally plugged the Glass into a PC, only to find out that it contained the pics of the user and his wife and nothing else. They wouldn’t let him touch the Glass and show it all to them because they said he would erase the evidence.

After this harrowing incident, someone from AMC apparently came over to them and gave them four free movie passes as a compensation for the whole thing. The whole incident goes on to show the sheer insecurity of the movie industry with breaking-edge technology. When they’re unable to understand it, they crack down on it, something we’ve seen too often in recent days.

Source: The Gadgeteer

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