Do You Know About Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons?

Facebook Bluetooth® beacons is a real thing, but most of the people and even small business does not know about it. Here we will reveal few facts in front of you.

Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons

While shopping or walking around you probably seen something like this below. Inside Facebook App a new tooltip with red “i” popping up with tips about a place near you.

Ever wonder how this thing works? It actually works because of a technology called “Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons”.

What is Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons?
Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons works right from real physical visitor Facebook App when they are near your business. If they have bluetooth on, the beacon located in your business sends signal and related info to visitors App, and show the notification. This notification is called Place Tips.

How does the Beacon looks like?
Take a look. It looks really cool.

What about Privacy?
According to Facebook its a one-way communication. So just send one way info from beacon to user’s phone app, does not track users’ information. So, business will not get any specific information like who was near.

Benefits for business:
This should be highly effective for local business. As social media is very important for restaurant type of business and other physical business as well. This beacon will engage more user, and result in more customer, more long term relation. Business should gain more social momentum.

Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons

Cost & Availability:
If you go to this page it lets you request one for your local business which already has a Facebook page. Upon signing up it shows “Thank you for requesting a Facebook Bluetooth® beacon. You will receive more information when a beacon is available for your business.” So its not like public and available for all, it’s seems like private test, and selected.

More About Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons:

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