Mark Zuckerberg Decries NSA’s PRISM Leaks And Ensuing Distrust

The recent PRISM leaks, brought to us by Edward Snowden and exposing NSA, have also affected the standing of many major tech companies. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has now stated that the leaks went a long way to affect the level of ‘trust’ placed by people in tech companies, including Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg

This was revealed by Zuckerberg in a recent talk. According to him, Facebook keeps measuring trust metrics for a number of tech companies, including Facebook itself, Twitter, Google and others. Recent results from these metrics show that in the eyes of the public, all these companies are not as trust-worthy as they are a while ago.

And this, Zuckerberg says, is primarily because of NSA leaks and the consequent botched PR attempts by the agency and the government. In his own words, “There’s a lot of times where … someone will criticize us in the press over privacy. What we’ve found is that stuff tends to not actually move the needle that much on the brand perception around trust. The NSA stuff did.”

However, the Facebook chief also states that this does not mean a drop in the audience of the social network. Rather, he assures that the sharing, liking and commenting by Facebook users continues unabated despite the drop in the trust towards the company.

It is certainly encouraging to note that the tech companies are at least cognizant of the fact that people are concerned about their privacy rights. One hopes that Facebook, and others, strive to regain the trust of the users by improving on that front.

Courtesy: CNET

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