Microblogging Site Twitter Celebrates Its Sixth Birthday

From emails to journals to blogs and finally microblogging, it has been a really fast journey. And right now, this is where we are standing at – a world of microblogging. Twitter fever has pretty much gripped the digital realm with 140 characters becoming a standard length for all one’s wit, humor and of course, blogs. This wildly popular platform, Twitter, is now celebrating its sixth birthday.

Today, within six years of its launch, Twitter has over 140 million active users which is a huge achievement. An ever greater achievement is that from analysts to reporters to policy-makers, everyone today turns to Twitter to hear news, before BBC or CNN reports it; and to connect with celebrities, and lot more.

Users tweet about 340 million tweets a day using Twitter! Twitter has turned into an alternate form of media, one which has helped people rise up against tyrants and has been critically important during a number of uprisings and mass-backed revolt, the highlight of which is the Arab Spring.

Celebrating the occasion, folks at Twitter wrote a post on the official blog. In the post, we are told that the idea of Twitter was initially a bare sketch on a notebook (and an image of the sketch is posted along). From that point to today having millions of users, Twitter has come a long way in terms of success and also, in terms of changing the dynamics of the entire world.


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