My Social Book Lets You Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into An Actual Book!

A Social Book is one of the best ways to share all of your souvenirs with your friends and family. Through Social Book, you can tell the story of your latest travels or wedding. You will even find all of the pictures you have posted and the funny and supportive comments from your friends. However, My Social Book is a kind of Social Book that turns your Facebook Timeline into an actual book.

My Social Book
My Social Book

My Social Book is offered by Likebooks, a company that is specialized in printing data from social networks and the very first company offering Facebook users the option of placing their social network activity into a book. My Social Book captures your timeline’s memories and events in a physical book. All the things including pictures, comments and status updates that you’ve shared on your Facebook timeline with family and friends will be assembled into a book.

On average, a Facebook user creates a 100 pages of a book each year. You can choose which dates you’d like to see in print or create a book from an entire year’s worth of posts. The books can be between 25 and 500 pages in length and come in soft or hard cover. Depending on how much content you choose to archive, the cost runs from $12 to $137. Here’s a video for you.

Source: My Social Book

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