Obama to Unveils $18 Billion Wireless Plan

US President Barack Obama has outlined his government’s plans to bring wireless Internet connections to around 98 per cent of the population. Mr Obama deliver his remarks at Northern Michigan University in Barack Marquette, which partnered with communications firms to establish an network to a off-campus wireless network, 4G which to help students to a in Obama’s University financed rural locations.

In an afternoon speech at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Obama is to explain how he plans to bring mobile broadband connections to 98 percent of the American people in five years, a goal announced last month during his State of the Union address.

The administration has touted the ability of wireless broadband connections to transform local economies and the way schools, doctors and utility companies operate.

Obama will announce more than $18 billion in federal funds for his wireless goals. About $5 billion currently being used for rural phone subsidies would be repurposed to build cell towers and backhaul networks to towns without mobile broadband services. Fire, police and other emergency responders would get $10.7 billion in federal support to build a mobile Internet network that allows them to communicate and exchange videos and e-mail. An additional $3 billion would go to research and development for wireless technologies that can be used for education, health care and energy.

The administration is betting on the success of radiowave auctions to pay for some of the projects. It hopes to raise about $27.8 billion for the Treasury.

The administration says some of the balance of funds – about $10 billion – would help reduce the federal deficit.

Obama and the Federal Communications Commission have devised a plan to create voluntary auctions for those broadcast airwaves and have promised to give television stations some of the proceeds.

Analysts have said the process will require legislation and will be difficult to achieve this year.


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