Photo Memories Coming to Facebook

On the Facebook Pleaces Photo Menories is found.It is a new tab of Facebook Pleaces…..

While checking into a Facebook Places location recently, one Mashable reader noticed a new tab: Photo Memories.We’ve been unable to duplicate the same tab ourselves, which means Facebook may be testing this feature with a small number of users first before committing to a larger roll-out. But this offering is consistent with how Facebook has presented its newest feature.

At its launch, Facebook’s Vice President of Product, Chris Cox, described Places as a digital repository for all your location-based memories. He described a couple’s children being able to use Facebook Places data to pinpoint the spot of their parents’ first kiss, for example. But a large part of how we store our memories on Facebook and on the larger web is via images and photographs. Imagine not only being able to get textual clues about that first kiss but to also see images of your parents’ first date.

We can imagine that tagging images with a given location or uploading images of a specific location to that location’s Places page would fit nicely into how Facebook has positioned Places so far.We’ve reached out to Facebook for confirmation that this feature is, in fact, being tested and may come to all users soon; we’ll update you as soon as we hear back from the company.

Photo Memories would further pit the social networking giant against startups such as Brightkite, which offers a core feature of uploading images about places. And a Facebook-driven, Places-based photo feature would also one-up startup such as Foursquare, which has yet to include a multimedia facet in its checkin process.

While we’re sure that Facebook will continue to add core features, such as photo and video support, over its Places location framework, we’re equally certain that the company will leave many other features  including potentially money-making ones such as social gaming  to third-party developers.Are you seeing the “Photo Memories” section appearing in Facebook’s Places pages yet? Let us know in the comments what you think of the feature, and feel free to send us screenshots if you see any new ways the images are being integrated with location technologies.

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  1. Lennon26

    this application is crap, my husband reads my page an is seein peoples profiles that iv been secretly lookin up, gettn me n trouble, sh.t times

  2. Russ Tea

    please let me remove it somehow! Its really useless for me considering all my friends are in pittsburgh and im in montana

  3. JB Radcliff

    I’d like to turn it off.

  4. Filmqueen

    I hate Hate HATE Photo Memories and want it go NOW! My ex keeps popping up – NOT COOL at all!

  5. Fentkand

    saaaame here!!! it pretty much ruins my day, EVERY DAY!!!! this app SUCKKKSSS

  6. Guest

    same deal. 9 out of 10 images are off my ex girlfriend. fucking annoying

  7. imperfectk

    I really hate this App. I keep seeing my ex and his freaking GF. I don’t wanna see that sh&t!!!
    FB you really suck right now.

  8. Cleanpdakine

    So how do I stop this from happening. Whenever facebook images appear in my computer it uses up the space in my computer until I delete them. I believe that not only are they intruding on the privacy of the facebook users but how dare they just attach what they want to my computer!!!

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