Pinterest Adds Support For Pinning Vimeo Videos

Pinterest has slowly been gaining traction in the world of social media and is currently a very significant part of it. Millions have flocked to the website and ‘pinning’ has become yet another addition to our social dictionary. Pinterest is primarily known for allowing the ‘pinning’ of images to Pinterest boards. It added support for pinning YouTube videos too a while ago and now, it has introduced support to enable users to pin Vimeo videos to Pinterest boards.

This can prove to be a very wise move by the Pinterest team. That is because currently, Pinterest is popular among a crowd that is more aesthetically conscious and sophisticated. Vimeo falls under the same category since Vimeo videos are lot more artsy and selective, compared to common YouTube videos. So the ability to add Vimeo videos can really click with the crowd which is currently using Pinterest.

The Pinterest team wrote on the official blog, ‘ The Pin It bookmarklet can now pin Vimeo videos in addition to YouTube!  Pinning from Vimeo works the same way that pinning from YouTube does, so if you haven’t already, install the Pin It bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar following the directions here. Then you can pin from and from pages that have embedded Vimeo videos. ‘

The extent of the immense success of Pinterest can be gauged from the fact that multiple venture capitalists have lined up to invest in the company. According to reports, the current offers being made to Pinterest from these investors could pull up it value to a whooping $1 billion! Nonetheless, the core team isn’t letting that divert its attentions and is busy focusing more on the actual product rather than the corporate structure.


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