Skype to integrate with one of Microsoft’s BFFs – Facebook

Skype is bringing several new Facebook features to its voice over IP service, Windows users who download the new Skype 5.5 Beta version will now be able to instant message with Facebook friends and a new Facebook Contacts tab has been added to Skype to help users more easily find and communicate with their friends on the social network.Skype for Windows users could view their Facebook news feeds from within the application and place Skype calls or send SMS messages to their Facebook friends, but if friends included their phone number in their Facebook profile………….


Skype announced that its instant messenger program would have Facebook integration, where users will be able to add friends from Facebook, update their statuses and even check updates. Skype was released with those features has officially announced on its blog the release of the latest beta of Skype for Windows version 5.5. The latest version of Skype now has Facebook Instant Messaging and  users can chat with their Facebook friends directly from Skype itself, no more loading up the web browser or a third party app just to chat on Facebook do it all from Skype itself. Below you can find a screen which shows a new Facebook tab which you can click on, if you click on this you can connect your Skype account to your Facebook profile, this allows the app to integrate with Facebook and make the most of lots of new features by Jamie Pert of

When granting Skype access to your Facebook account you are allowing it to access your basic information, send email to your email address, post on your Facebook wall, access posts in the news feed, access Facebook chat and much more, to be honest with you there is nothing to really worry about, but it is worth checking that you agree with Skype’s demands.

Once you accept everything you will see that Facebook is seamlessly integrated into Skype, where your Skype contacts are listed you can click on the Facebook button to talk to people via Facebook Chat, also on the right-hand sign you can see your news feed, here you can post status updates, like posts and comment on posts, the UI has two columns and the like and comment buttons (a heart shape and speech bubble) are pretty neat (see below).

Talking to Facebook Chat contacts is instantaneous and pretty impressive to be honest, the only thing that he didn’t like was the face that he kept on getting notifications showing that more friends had signed on, this is because of the way that people use Facebook and having 440 friends didn’t help, sadly he did not find away of turning the notifications off, the only way to do this would turn notifications off when Skype contacts signed in as well.

If you want to you can toggle the Facebook features on and off easily, simply go to “Contacts” and then click “Hide Facebook Contacts”, this is great if you want to separate Facebook Chat for pleasure and Skype for work, you can go to “Contacts” and click “Show Facebook Contacts” if you wish to use the Facebook functionality once again. There is also an option to disconnect your Facebook profile by clicking on the Facebook tab (right-hand column) clicking on the settings button and then click “Disconnect from Facebook” (see below).


Download Skype 5.5 Beta: Here



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