Stephen Hawking Joined Facebook, Welcomes All To His Page

Call it late, but the smartest person has joined Facebook at last. After joining this infamous social networking website, within a very short time, his Facebook page received outnumbered likes.

Stephen Hawking Facebook Page

Stephen Hawking joined Facebook on October 7, but he published his very first post long later – just 3 days ago. However, in his first post, Stephen Hawking mentions, “I have always wondered what makes the universe exists.” He called it a mystery, and said that their “connections to one another have grown infinitely,” and that he would like to share his journey with us. He has also asked all his followers to be curious, and stated that he will forever be so.

Stephen Hawking

Hawking also goes on to sharing a video that was taken some time ago, in which he states that he could not participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge because of health issues, but his three children took it on behalf of him. He then urges all the viewers to donate to the MND Association. The video then shows the challenge being taken.

While many are awed by his arrival at Facebook, some are saying that this appearance might be because a film portraying his life, namely The Theory of Everything, is penciled to come out in a few weeks. Though, it is very unlikely that this move was made for the propaganda of the said film, given that the name of this renowned Physicist is more than enough to create a healthy amount of buzz. Here is the trailer of the upcoming movie

Hawking’s page currently has 1,731,412 likes, and people from all around the world have been leaving greeting messages to him on his Facebook page.

Sources: The Verge; Wired

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