ToonUps Achieves 1 Million Good Deeds Target On Facebook – Will Donate $10,000 To CURE

Most Facebook games are fun and stop at just that. However, A Better World is a game by ToonUps which was launched in December. ToonUps had planned that if Facebook gamers were able to accomplish 1 million good deeds on the game, the company will donate $10,000 to, one of the largest providers of reconstructive surgery to disabled children. ToonUps had declared the deadline as January 31st but the enthusiastic gamers helped achieved the target more than a week before the deadline.

The game was like this: the gamers were to post their good deeds in different sections of the game. The target was to achieve 1 million such good deeds. While the deadline for this was January 31, ToonUps was able to accomplish the target by January 22. Now that the target has been achieved, ToonUps will donate $10,000 to This money will help ten disabled children undergo surgery so that they will be able to walk for the first time since their birth.

The game is pretty basic. You make a character and start exploring the game. In different parts of the game you post thoughts, notes and deeds. You are also able to share them with your friends and view their postings.

ToonUps COO MarySue Hansell said in statement, “We learned the heartbreaking story of Misozi Felix, a beautiful three year old girl whose right leg has been destroyed by a bone infection. She has very little of her femur left, and her knee is completely non-functional, if it even exists anymore. Incredibly brave and resilient, she has learned to walk using her hands and one good leg, and though she is not quick, she gets the job done. She will walk and run with the other kids, thanks to CURE and our players.”

This is indeed an excellent outcome and may set a precedent for other platforms who have launched Facebook games to also spare a few moments, and a few bucks, for the underprivileged.


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