It Will Take 7 Years To Tweet The Entire Lexicon Of English Language

Twitter is used for many purposes, from sharing breaking news to indulging in discussions about the buzzing topics. A new account has put the site to a new use, aimed to tweet all the words in English language, started from 2007. The task istaking an expected 7 years to complete.


The said account, @Everyword, started activity back in November 2007. It was started by Adam Parish and the aim of the account was to tweet every single word in English language, pausing 30 minutes between each tweet. For instance, the first word from this account was ‘a’, followed by other words starting with ‘a’ in a chronological fashion, much like a dictionary.

It has been more than six years since the account started working. Originally, it was claimed that the account will be able to complete the lingual task by June, 2014. And although the account is already done with the words starting with ‘z’, it is now tweeting such words which start with diacritical words. These include words like “é” and the latest word from the account is ‘étui.’

The account is expected to miss its June deadline and may continue tweeting all the way till the end of 2014, which will mark a full seven years since the word-tweets started. In all, the account is slated to dish out a total of 109,229 words.

Source: Everyword

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