Twitter Finally Adds Support For Line Breaks

In the past, I’ve repeatedly tried to spread my 140-character tweets to as many lines, just for the fun of it. But to no use, since Twitter had no support for line breaks. As it turns out, the micro-blogging website has now added this support and you can evenly spread out your single tweet to 140 lines with the help of line breaks. Isn’t that fun?

Twitter line breaks

Support for the new feature was added by Twitter on Wednesday. This essentially means that when you press ‘Enter’ while writing a tweet and get to a new line, this will be reflected in your tweet when you post it. Before this, Twitter would simply delete line-breaks from your tweet when you posted it.

However, the feature has both its pros and cons. The pros are that just like back in the days of Orkut, people would cook up all sorts of art by using alphabets, we may soon start seeing 140-character art pieces. The line-breaks feature would probably be put to such uses by marketing folks.

Now, for the cons: imagine a friend of yours has written a tweet with a single character in each line. When he posts it, that single tweet will cover your entire view of the TL. It can become terribly annoying after a while. And with those endless bots lurking on the micro-blogging website, it may even gain traction.

Nonetheless, let’s see if the feature proves more helpful that annoying on Twitter. For my part, I find it quite exciting and will be having fun with it for a while.

Source: Twitter

Courtesy: Mashable

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