Twitter Finally Starts Rolling Out The Option To Download Tweets

Facebook has long provided its users the option to download an archive of all the data present on their profiles in a single zip file. For long, Twitter users have pined for a similar option and the micro-blogging network even promised one in the past. Now, it seems that Twitter has finally lived up to its promise.

Tweets download

There is no official word on this yet but multiple users and other sources are reporting that Twitter has finally made the option of downloading all tweets available. According to those users who are claiming that they are able to access it, the option can be used by going to Twitter settings, scrolling down and hitting the ‘Your Twitter Archive’ button.

Apparently, once you request for the archive, you are sent an email which asks you to be patient and wait for the site to ship out a direct link for your download. Apparently in no time, you then receive the link in an email.

The link contains an HTML file which, in turn opens up to display all your tweets. You can parse through these tweets by month and the interface in which they are displayed is quite similar to that of Twitter.

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has formerly stated that the micro-blogging network would surely dish out such a feature and it would seem that Twitter is finally making it happen right on the brink of Christmas.

Courtesy: TNW

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