Twitter #Music Site Coming Live

For last few days we are seeing a lot of news about a possible Music service by Twitter. Today the #music site just came live at Keep reading for more information about this new #music service.

Twitter #music

The story started to get pace after Twitter acquired music discovery site “We Are Hunted“. We Are Hunted team already shut down their site and joined Twitter to work on an undisclosed project. And now its clear that this undisclosed project is nothing but Twitter own Music service.

Though is live, but its right now nothing but a placeholder site. If you try to Sign In it takes to a Twitter Apps permission and takes several permission but lands on the same placeholder page.

So what will be this new Music service by Twitter? Here are few confirmed facts I could dig out.

1. Twitter Music App

For sure Twitter bringing a Music App. Its been reported by TechCrunch, and Ryan Seacrest has posted the tweet below, which confirmed the app is in test right now.

2. Web Version of the Trending Music App

Twitter Music Web App
This is “the web version of the trending music app”. I find that out from the app permission page. So this will be the web version of Twitter Music App. So any people without mobile device could use this new #music service.

3. Possible Cooperation With SoundCloud & Rdio

Stephen Phillips, founder of We Are Hunted has recently been tweeting songs from SoundCloud & Rdio. Which suggests that these services will form a part of Twitter’s New Music service.

4. Music Discovery Based on Twitter Trends

From the name and placeholder page its clear the site will bring music discovery mainly based on Twitter hashtag, in other words, based on whats people sharing Twitter.

5. Easy Embedded Music Player inside Twitter

Right now all links of the tracks from SoundCloud & Rdio automatically form a embedded music player right from Twitter. This is actually a part of Twitter Cards approach.

Twitter is always trying to go beyond its 140 character limitation, and become something more. Its recent super emphasis on its Cards development is also another example of how desperate Twitter is about going beyond its own set limit.

Thanks: The Verge

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