Twitter Purchased Bagcheck

Search and discovery startup Bagcheck has been acquired by microblogging site Twitter and Bagcheck allows people to share and discuss the contents of bags, which contain a list of things that have something in common. Twitter recently boasted that it has 750,00 developers that work on more than a million registered Twitter apps and recently acquire a new round of funding, which it said would be used for innovation, hiring and expansion………………


Bagcheck has been acquired by Twitter. Bagcheck is a startup based around the idea of sharing lists of your favorite items, these lists are described as bags. The company says that all existing bags will remain available, but notes that “Things may change at some point in the future, so if you’re worried about your content we’ve also created an instant export feature that will wrap all the bags you’ve made into a tidy set of HTML and JSON files.” While Sam Pullara is joining Twitter as a member of the engineering team, his fellow Bagcheck co-founder Luke Wroblewski is moving on to new projects elsewhere. Details of the price of the acquisition where not shared and it’s unclear whether this is a straight talent-grabbing acqui-hire or if Twitter plans to use any of Bagcheck’s technology in its own products.

Bagcheck’s notes:

We’re very excited to announce that Bagcheck has been acquired by Twitter, and as of today, Sam Pullara will be joining the Twitter engineering team.

Bagcheck started out of a passion for connecting people to their interests, allowing people to have a place to discover and share the “bags” of items they are most passionate about, whether it’s a collection of photography gear or an arsenal of cooking tools. Now, Sam will bring his passion for connecting people to what interests them to his new role at Twitter.



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