Twitter Is Planning A Major Facebook-Like Redesign

It would appear that when it comes to user interface, there’s an alliance of sorts between Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is apparently planning to revamp its user interface, bringing it a lot closer to what Facebook looks like.

Twitter redesign

Like in all previous cases, Twitter rolls out its planned changes to a select, few users who can see the changes on their profiles. This is meant to test a given feature before it is rolled out to the public. The feedback from the initial, limited audience is used to tweak and improve the feature before full roll-out.

A Mashable editor has now reported that he is able to see an entirely revamped Twitter profile. The changes apparently involved adding a large header photo, pretty much along the lines of Facebook’s profile header image. Under the header image, you can then see the total number of tweets, photos or videos shared from your profile, the number of people you are following, your followers count, favorites as well as a button for ‘View Lists.’

One major change in the appearance of how Twitter profiles look is the departure from the vertical timeline which had been an iconic feature of Twitter since its early days. The new design displays tweets in a blend of vertical and horizontal content display with a photo-centric approach. You get to see the images in tweets by default while in the current design you must click on a tweet and expand it to view an image it includes.

The profile is still available to only a few users, so whether or not Twitter goes with a full roll-out is still an open question. But the way design philosophy of most major social networks has shifted to a image-centric UI, it seems very probable that this new design is the future of Twitter.

Courtesy: Mashable

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