Spotify Reveals Expansion Plans Into New Regions

Spotify, the wildly popular music streaming service, has long confined itself to Europe and U.S. alone. However, it is now actively seeking to expand its reach to other regions around the globe. According to the parent company, Spotify AB, plans are on ground to make the service available in eight new regions.


The streaming service has already been launched in Mexico, which marks Spotify’s entry into the Latin American market. The other regions which may soon be seen on the Spotify map include Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore in Asia as well as newer regions in North Europe.

With the rollout in new regions recently, Spotify is now already available in 28 countries and that count will soon be bumped further. The best thing about Spotify is that it offers free streaming services as well as a paid model. And the significant portion of its current audience has signed up for paid subscriptions.

According to a statement released on Spotify’s website, “We’re taking our first steps in Latin America with Mexico, and Asia with Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Plus we’re thrilled to make new friends in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.”

Courtesy: WSJ

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