StumbleUpon Announces Complete Rebranding

StumbleUpon, the web’s best serendipity site, will receive soon a complete makeover. The new look announced for this week will not be limited to a new page design, but will also be introduced to a new logo. Working contrary to Google’s targeted searches, StumbleUpon asks the users to define the parameters of searches rather than typing in specific queries.

Then the user can land on unexpected webpages related to the interests he or she declared. This method of fun discoveries allowed StumbleUpon to brag about surpassing even Facebook in August this year, when StumbleUpon accounted for half of all social media traffic.

The new look of this popular bookmarking will be much simpler, somewhat inspired by Google Plus. With the new layout, on the user’s profile will be visible all relevant information, such as connections, comments, interests, channels, likes, shares, inbox and history. Also, all thumbs-up will be visible at a first glanece on every user profile.

New features like Channels will be available for users allowing them to follow content from sites, celebrities, or brands, much like Twitter accounts. Another novelty makes easier to track users’ preferences in pages, photos and videos.



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