Syria Goes Under Blanket Internet Shutdown

Yesterday, reports started emerging that internet connectivity in Syria was dying out. Before long, the country’s international internet link was down and no one within Syria was able to connect with the rest of the world through internet. It hasn’t yet transpired what or who has caused the blanket shut down.

Syria internet

Given the fact that the country is torn between rebels and President Assad’s regime, it is uncertain as to which of the two has caused the disruption of the internet service. However, the most likely cause seems to be a move by Assad’s authorities to kill the switch.

According to routing experts, 84 IP addresse blocks connect Syria with the international internet. But neither has been showing any activity for the past hours. As a result of the situation, the Syrian plight has suddenly gone mute on the web.

Until now, the atrocities of the current Syrian regime had been coming to fore through the images, status updates and news reports that live witnesses would pour out through the internet. But now that the internet is down, dissident Syrians are unable to post any of that online.

A few Syrian networks were still available after the blanket shutdown. But apparently, those who ordered the blanket ban were quick to take them out too. This is a terrible situation since it effectively shields Assad’s regime from any backlash on its doings since little of them would be reported to the rest of the world.

We do hope that no matter who or what caused the internet disruption in Syria, it gets restored soon enough.

Courtesy: Renesys

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