Dropbox Suspended Auto-Upload Feature Because Of iOS 8, Now Resolved

Recently, Dropbox discovered that Apple’s new iOS 8 had introduced a compatibility issue. It was preventing Dropbox and Carousel from properly uploading users photos and videos. So, Dropbox “temporarily suspended” the auto-upload feature. But now, the problem is solved.


Dropbox said in its blog post that it has run into problems with the latest version of iOS, which lead to some users’ media not being auto-uploaded as they expected. That’s a big problem if they then delete it from their device thinking that it is safely stashed in Dropbox’s cloud.

Dropbox Auto-Upload Feature Issue

So, Dropbox warned its users by saying, “If you upgrade to iOS 8, don’t delete photos or videos from your devices until you’re sure that your stuff has backed up to Dropbox.” However, after noticing the issue, Dropbox promptly started working with Apple in order to solve the issue.

Now, Dropbox has confirmed that it has resolved the iOS 8 compatibility issue that prevents Dropbox and Carousel from properly backing up users photos and videos. What Dropbox users now need is to download the latest version of the apps to get the fix. This will ensure automatic backups of photos and videos work on iOS 8.

Source: Dropbox

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