Google Maps Web App For iOS Gains Street View Feature

Google Maps has just launched its highly famous Street View feature to its web application for iOS. Street View is a feature that users have begged Google to add to its web app for weeks. With the removal of Google Maps on iOS 6, users have been left without an efficient mapping application for quite awhile. Street View allows users to view picture-by-picture of the road as if they were actually driving down it.

We learned a few days ago that Google Maps may introduce Street View to their web application, but we weren’t sure about the validity of the report. After trying out Street View on iOS 6, you will notice the service is available throughout the world, rather than just North America.

When Apple removed Google Maps from their widely touted iOS mobile operating system, users were more than angered. Apple Maps comes with misplaced streets, blurry graphics, and a range of other errors. Google Maps was considered as ‘perfect,’ so the anger is understandable.

To view the new Street View feature, just stroll on over the the Google Maps web application and tap the tiny icon featuring a person. It’s located at the very bottom, right-hand side of your iOS device’s screen.

Source: 9To5Mac

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