Microsoft Launches Excel Mashup, Making the Excel Experience More Fun

Ever got bored of doing spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, and come to the rash decision that maybe you needed a career change of some sort. Well, relax; you’re not the only one. But thankfully, Microsoft has been thinking about us miserable fools and has come up with a new platform that allows users to embed interactive Excel spreadsheets on web pages. Oa, that sounds a little off. Let us explain.


We’re talking about, a portal that allows users to copy-paste their data sheets or boring work sheets as web based apps further on onto websites. So in order to get started, users must have a SkyDrive account. If you don’t know what that is, well it’s Microsoft very own and personal storage service where workbooks are added. So after you get one of those, you’re all set to integrate some fancy Excel JavaScript with workbooks stored on Skydrive and HTML scripts that will make for a rich integrative app to wok on your browser.

And for complete beginners, the site offers a number of examples. One for instance is called Destination Explorer. You get the chance to select a certain region of the world, and then go even more into details, and select a city or a park. It also uses Bing Maps; you can actually see the area in question. Don’t be shy use the Get Started tab and within minutes you will be able to start creating your very own mash-ups.


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