Twitter App For Windows Phone 8 Gets An Update

Twitter has been dishing out a number of updates and features of late. To bring these new features to the Twitter app for Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has pushed out an updated version of the app. The updated app comes with the option of viewing embedded Vine videos.

Twitter app

The last major Twitter app update that Microsoft pushed out Windows Phone 8 devices was February this year. The update brought a number of new features and improvement to the app.

This latest update also brings a whole host of new features to Twitter app. One of the best features that are a part of this update is that you can use different filters when uploading photos to Twitter. In other words, you can now upload images to your Twitter app in an Instagram-esque fashion.

Microsoft has described the new feature in the following words, “Just tap the camera icon to capture an image from your phone’s viewfinder, or pull in a shot from your Camera Roll. Then apply one of 8 new filters.”

The update also signifies that although most tech companies such as Twitter tend to focus more on major mobile players such as Android and iOS, they are also helping the likes of Windows Phone 8 platform keep up with the latest developments.

Source: Windows
Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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