Anonymous Demands Release Of Arrested Members, Threatens To Release Credit Card Details

Over the recent months, a number of members of the hacktivist group, Anonymous, have been busted. Most of these busts have been done by hackers within the Anonymous ranks who were secretly feeding FBI with information. Anonymous has now demanded the release of its arrested members.


In a way, the demands of Anonymous come off as fair. That is because not only shady methods were used to indict the arrested members, these members continue to rot behind bars without a proper sentencing or trial. For instance, in its post, Anonymous cited that ‘Jeremy Hammond has already served over a year behind bars, held without bail at MCC New York.’

Similarly, Anonymous further reveals that, “Barrett Brown is facing 3 separate rounds of charges relating to a crazy you tube video, a poorly hidden laptop and linking to a database dump in an IRC channel.”

The problem with such arrests is that they seem well out of the legal limits and put to question the methods FBI has been using in arresting and indicting alleged hackers belonging to Anonymous.

The hacktivist group has also stated that if FBI failed to release the arrested members, it would leak the credit card details of the personnel from different law enforcement agencies. Given Anonymous’ accomplishments in the past, that doesn’t sound like an empty threat.

The post, originally placed on BitBin, has been removed by now, evidently at the request of someone. The reason cited by BitBin is that it contained ‘Personal Information.’

Source: BitBin

Courtesy: The Hacker News



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