Anonymous Hacked Vatican The Second Time

Anonymous is out on its hacking spree again becoming a menace and a clear and present danger for anyone in the world now, especially for the governments, their institutes and agencies. They are forcing the governments to prepare a team of their own in a fight against them and the lead will most likely be taken by the U.S. government in this case joined by others too. But when the U.S. government takes such measures it is always with some policy of either politics or economic aspects involved in it.

Cyberspace is the new domain for their defense frontier and they will not only conquer it, but will also try to rule it. But coming back to what is out there standing against them, the Anonymous are not easily catchable as those who are familiar with hacking know that it is not an easy game to play on both the sides. But till Anonymous gets caught, they are on their game.

Once before Vatican city was hacked by Anonymous and they did it again the second time according to CNET. The Vatican confirmed reports about it through its website. However, if it any consolation for them then the Vatican’s old server was hacked with outdated information. Hence, nothing has been lost as such. But a hacking attack is indeed an attack none the less. May be it is some kind of a warning that, this time though outdated information was hacked, but not every time Vatican will be dealt with easily. The Anonymous also attacked Vatican’s radio database. The Vatican spokesman said:

“There was a second attack we are aware of directed against the [Vatican IP] address. [Concerning] Vatican Radio, a database on an old server was accessed. Thirty percent of the information on the server was so outdated it was of no use.”

Those who become Anonymous’ targets have a reason to think about why they have been attacked. It is more of a political battle at times with reasons which are often about the policies. The reason to attack Vatican was to protest against the Vatican Radio that allegedly uses “repeaters with power transmission largely outside the bounds of the law”.


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